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Everyday Magic Gratitude Journal

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Find the extraordinary in the ordinary with the Everyday Magic Gratitude Journal. This beautifully crafted 90-page digital companion invites you to cultivate a grateful heart with daily prompts, inspirational quotes, and ample space for reflections.

More than just a daily practice, this journal encourages a mindful approach to gratitude:

  • Daily Gratitude Prompts: Thought-provoking prompts nudge you to explore different facets of your life, helping you discover the magic in the everyday.
  • 8 Monthly Roundups: Located towards the end of the journal for easy reference. Reflect on your experiences and identify recurring themes of gratitude with these dedicated monthly sections.
  • Inspirational Quotes: Uplifting quotes from renowned personalities offer wisdom and a spark of inspiration on your journey.
  • Notes Pages: Capture fleeting thoughts, detailed reflections, or use them for diary entries alongside individual gratitude journal pages.
  • Bonus Worksheets: Explore affirmations and build your gratitude jar practice with included worksheets.

Designed for Flexibility:

  • Goodnotes App & Kindle Scribe Compatible: Use the journal digitally, on whichever platform best suits your style.

Intentional Frequency: We recommend using it 1-2 times a week, allowing space for reflection and genuine gratitude. Constant high intensity isn't necessary—it's way more effective to gently & mindfully incorporate gratitude into your life.

Transform your life by nurturing an attitude of gratitude. Order your Everyday Magic Gratitude Journal today and embark on a journey of appreciating life's simple wonders.

(I've worked hard in creating this journal for you, crafting and curating every single detail from the colours, words, quotes and flow. Please respect my genuine efforts and refrain from re-distributing this journal. To support my work, do share this product page so that others may be inspired and grow holistically towards a life of purpose and fulfilment. Thank you!)

You will get a PDF (3MB) file