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5 Gratitude Journal Prompts

5 Effective Gratitude Journal Prompts

One of my favourite ways to boost my mood for the day is journaling. Whether it’s the first “desk” thing I do for the day, or something I do during the day when I’m feeling a bit off, it always helps to pen my thoughts.

You must be someone who journals too—so many people have hopped on the journaling train because we’ve experienced the benefits of doing so.

Here are 5 prompts I recently came up with. Have 10 minutes to spare? Need a recharge? Then get started here. Hopefully they will add a bit of sparkle to your day when you write these down too.

  1. 3 things I'm happy about right now
  2. My current favourite fruit
  3. The most beautiful sunset scene I've ever experienced
  4. My favourite nature spot
  5. One way I can take a break today

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