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The Mindful Morning Routine: How to Start Your Day with Purpose and Presence

The Mindful Morning Routine: How to Start Your Day with Purpose and Presence

As a mum to two very young preschoolers, my mornings start with one of them barging into our room to wake us up for their morning milk. Then, most often than not, there will be some tantrums and rejections ("I don't want to go to school because I want to stay home and play with you.") before they make their way to school nearby.

By the time I'm able to sit by my work desk in my living room, I've already dealt with soothing repressed emotions, dressing restless kids and may be lucky enough to have had my cup of coffee. In the midst of this everyday chaos, finding moments of calm isn't just a luxury; it truly is a necessity.

You might ask yourself: How do I start slow living? Juggling the needs of two little ones while keeping up with the city's hustle can be overwhelming. And if you're a mum like me, fear not—a mindful morning routine might just be the anchor you need to start your day with purpose.

Even with young ones around, your home can become a sanctuary of calm. Explore simple yet effective ways to design a mindful space within your home, incorporating elements that resonate with the things you like. For city dwellers, it can be a little nook on your balcony that's unofficially reserved for coffee and quiet reading. If you love to cook, your kitchen's counter top can be where you block out everything and focus on the the granola bowl you're whipping up for breakfast. Journaling is another great way to remind yourself of what you're looking forward to during the later part of the day, and what you already have to be thankful for.

Getting outdoors is also a great way to energise you. Imagine breathing in the fresh morning air, soaking up much-needed vitamin D, listening to the chirping of birds, smelling fresh coffee from the cafe and clocking in some extra steps. Just visualising this makes me thankful for how beautiful life is and can be.

If that's too much to start with, how about this:

Infuse your morning routine with sensory rituals. When you wash up and brush your teeth, take that morning shower, get dressed for the day and even apply your morning skincare products... These are superb, easy instances to practise mindfulness because you already do them on a daily basis. Just make sure there are no distractions during these little moments—don't even look at your phone. If your kids want to hang around, by all means, make your morning routine a family affair.

Yes, life in the city can get stressful and overwhelming. Remember though, that YOU are the only one in charge of your life. So take charge now and change things if you constantly feel out of whack. Starting with small snippets in your daily life will have a huge difference in the way you feel.